Swimming Pool Design and Planning Services

Polar Pools combines the most contemporary ideas in pool development together with over thirty years experience. We offer a full design and construction service or indeed, we are happy to work with your architect. We can liaise directly with your local planning department to obtain any consents necessary.

Our swimming pool designs include careful consideration of water depths, slopes and covers to ensure the optimum usability of your pool. We also consider the efficiency and maintenance costs associated with a swimming pool, always endeavouring to keep these costs to a minimum.

Building a swimming pool is an important lifestyle decision. Which pool and design is right for you depend very much on your budget and the size and style of your house and garden.

We will explain every step of the process in detail, providing advice and practical ideas to suit your specific needs and requirements. Find out more about our swimming pool build and installation services >>

Which type of pool?

We offer a wide range of pools and finishes to suit your individual style, budget, house and garden. 

In ground pools

Requires excavation, a pool shell will be built inside the excavation and the desired finish applied. Datum points will be discussed for finished heights of pool and paving.

Above ground pools

A suitable concrete base is constructed for the pool to sit on. The pool is constructed of either wood or steel and finished with either a liner or a pre made fibreglass shell. 

Spa’s and hydrotherapy

Pre constructed units are available; great for areas where space is limited.  Swim spa’s are also available with counter current devices for exercising.

Indoor / outdoor pools

Choose an indoor pool as an extension to your home or an outdoor pool as a place to enjoy the summer.

Pool buildings

We work with architects to design a building best suited to its surroundings. Ventilation and heating is a crucial consideration when designing an indoor pool.  With this in mind, we design air handling systems specifically for each project. Other than bespoke builds, we can supply pre made enclosures to prolong your swimming season.

Find out more?

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Sprayed concrete tiled swimming pools

Imaginative designs are tailored to individual requirements.  This method of construction is generally used to create deck level and negative edge pools.  An excavation is made to the shape of the required shell into which reinforcing steel is set up; concrete is then sprayed over the steel to produce one single piece of concrete.  This type of shell is incredibly strong and rigid, making it ideal for a tiled finish.  

Block and liner pools

One of the most inexpensive in ground pool types with a relatively fast build time; finished with a liner design of your choice. Can be designed indoor or outdoor.  

Wooden swimming pools

Come as a complete package for a quick and easy installation.  Average build time from delivery to swimming is just five days.

Deck level pools

A contemporary styled pool.  This distinctive look is achieved by engineering the water level to be the same as its surroundings. Water continually flows over the edge of the pool into a gulley, then into a balance tank where the filtration system takes over and pumps it back into the pool.

Negative edge pools

This pool is designed to look as if it extends out into the horizon.  Appealing to a niche market, it requires expert engineering and precise workmanship to accomplish.

Whichever option you choose, Polar will minimise the energy consumption of your pool.  We will advise you on the appropriate size of pump, heating equipment and cover.


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