Swimming Pool Equipment and Chemicals

Polar Pools have a wide selection of chemicals and equipment to choose from to enable you to maintain your pool. It is important to ensure the water in your pool is clear, clean and safe, ready for swimming.

We always have a wide selection of equipment and chemicals in stock at our Suffolk offices. Purchases can be made directly in person, via telephone, email or by visiting our online shop @Ebay >>

Chemical Treatment

In order to ensure clean, sparkling, safe and balanced pool water, it is essential that correct filtration and circulation is achieved and that proper chemical treatment is carried out.

Chemical treatment is necessary to counteract bacteria, algae, body wastes, etc.  If left untreated, these can cause discomfort or infection to the pool user. In addition, chemical treatment is required to prevent damage to the pool equipment and fittings through corrosion, staining and scale formation.

Swimming Pool Care Guide

Our Swimming Pool Care Guide gives you clear, step by step instructions regarding chemical levels in the pool and what they should be kept at in order for the pool to be ready to swim in.

Click here to download our Pool Care Guide >>

Our Suppliers

To protect your investment, Polar Pools collaborates with only the best.  Like us, our UK based suppliers are committed to quality, technical development and customer service. Many of our working relationships with these top brands and suppliers have been established for over 30 years.

Key Suppliers include:

Plastica Ltd – www.plasticapools.com    
Certikin – www.certikin.com
SCP – www.scpuk.com

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A wide selection of toys, games and leisure products...

Polar Pools also supply toys, games and other leisure products for your pool.

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PolaChem - Swimming Pool Chemicals - The Range

Our own superior brand of quality chemicals offers you peace of mind and value for money. Click here for a full product and price list >>


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